Pearse Brennan, Villa Park Gardens

I asked Paul Tobin to undertake the sale of a property. Paul surveyed it and advised me as to what steps I should take to present it. Paul was not the first Auctioneer I engaged and I had been advised by others that the market did not favour Vendors at this time, and that I should pitch my price conservatively and take the best secured bid that was proffered to me. Paul, when consulted, adopted a very different strategy. He was of the opinion, that regardless of the depressed market we were operating in, that we should pitch the property at a level that reflected its true value. He intimated to me that a good property, properly presented will always realise an appropriate value, regardless of the market forces. Paul then suggested that we undertake a basic window dressing exercise which essentially comprised a complete decluttering of the residence. The removal of old carpets etc and dated décor was effected at his behest. We sanded the fine old floors and gave a lick of paint where required. The garden got a makeover and the scene was then set for Mr Tobin’s bluff to be called. Paul then set about re-arranging ornaments and furniture as he essentially staged the residence as he saw fit. To be fair to him, he put the time in. He never rushed the process, he set about carefully advertising the property for sale. His online presentation in pictures and in prose, never oversold the residence. I am reliably informed that a number of viewers actually commented to him that they found it refreshing that his online presentation was an honest and accurate evaluation of the property as it was. I have no doubt that his frankness and honesty endeared potential purchasers to him, and made willing bidders of them. In the heel of the hunt, these potential purchasers, in their trust of him, and in their belief that a good property had been honestly presented to them, then set about bidding strongly against each other, to our ultimate advantage. The sale closed, and I believe we realised the best possible price for the property in these straightened times as a direct result of Paul’s ultimate professionalism as a very clued in designer and Auctioneer. Not only would I recommend Paul, but I would go so far as to say: Don’t attempt to sell, without first consulting with him!